band photo Photo credit: Sean Martens

inventive yet familiar
Bluesy/Funky Roots Rock


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Virtual Events!!!

Sunday September 20th
2:30-4:00 PST (5:30-7 EST)
Live stream of Ten Spiders Band from the Carportio.
Rocking the porch on the first day of fall 2020.

Sunday September 27th
2:00-2:45 PST (5:00 EST)
Live stream of Rossi (banjo) and Momma Rossi (bass/maybe guitar) playing classic country/bluegrass.

Tasty Videos

Here's just Ten Spiders' full set (with some bonus tunes) on YouTube
Full Band September Live Stream

This is the most recent full-band live stream we played! We had a great time playing after being cooped up for 10 days with smoke from the wildfires! Lucky we didn't set a fire in Portland with this set!

Physical Events???