band photo Photo credit: Sean Martens

inventive yet familiar
Bluesy/Funky Roots Rock

April 2021

Virtual Event

SATURDAY April 24th
2:30-4:00 PST (5:30-7 EST)
Each month, we'll feature a different band or musician that's inspired us. This month it's Pink Floyd.

Mar 2021 Live Stream #10:
Spiders of the Canyons

April 24 2021 Live Stream #11 - Coming Soon!
Which One's Ten?

February 2021 Live Stream #9:
Haunted by Ozzy

January 2021 Live Stream #8:
We're Not a Dead Cover Band

December 2020 Live Stream #7:
The Band with “Grit”

November 2020 Live Stream #6:
Mom’s Patio Umbrella Is Not Waterproof

October 2020 Live Stream #5:
Socks are Not Good Wind Screens

September 2020 Live Stream #4:
The Free Garlic Show

August 2020 Live Stream #3:
From the Crates

July 2020 Live Stream #2:
Below Legal Noise Violation Limits

June 2020 Live Stream #1:
None of Us Got Sick So We Did It Again

May 2020
SHARE Fest pre-recorded set