band photo Photo credit: Sean Martens

inventive yet familiar
Bluesy/Funky Roots Rock

February 2021

Virtual Event

SUNDAY March 28th
2:30-4:00 PST (5:30-7 EST)
This year, for our cover song choices each month, we'll feature a different band or musician that's inspired us. This month, intermixed with orginals will be only Joni Mitchell cover songs.

Ten Spiders Carportio Stage Shows

Since COVID19 isolation, the quartet has played 10 long, physically-distanced sets outside on the Carportio Stage. We played a mix of funky/bluesy roots rock originals and cover songs that rattled the neighbor’s windows and (hopefully) warmed your heart through the pandemic.
Fun Facts: Hopefully, we'll be able to play for you in person sometime this year. Until then, wishing you the very best and a healthy 2021!

February 2021 Live Stream #9:
Ozzy a la carte

January 2021 Live Stream #8:
We're Not a Dead Cover Band

December 2020 Live Stream #7:
The Band with “Grit”

November 2020 Live Stream #6:
Mom’s Patio Umbrella Is Not Waterproof

October 2020 Live Stream #5:
Socks are Not Good Wind Screens

September 2020 Live Stream #4:
The Free Garlic Show

August 2020 Live Stream #3:
From the Crates

July 2020 Live Stream #2:
Below Legal Noise Violation Limits

June 2020 Live Stream #1:
None of Us Got Sick So We Did It Again

May 2020
SHARE Fest pre-recorded set