band photo Photo credit: Sean Martens

inventive yet familiar
Bluesy/Funky Roots Rock


We're beyond where Rossi booked many gigs outside our local haunts which is both sad and less sad.
Mock Crest Tavern is open but so small music is not happening yet.
But the band will do another live jam from the Carportio and
you'll find Rossi & Rossi (Maria with her mom) playing classic country/bluegrass.

Some of the venues outside of Portland are starting music, support them if you can but please keep yourselves and each other safe.

Virtual Events!!!

Sunday July 5th 2:00-2:30 PST (5:00 EST)
Live stream of Rossi (banjo) and Momma Rossi (bass/maybe guitar).
Trying a new home with YouTube Live, let us know what you think.

Saturday July 25 2:30-4:00 PST (5-7 EST)
Live stream of Ten Spiders Band from the Carportio.
Since we're not on playing the Mock Crest or Yukon we're rocking the porch for an hour and a half.

Tasty Videos

Here's just Ten Spiders' full set (with some bonus tunes) on YouTube

Here's all of Saturday's festival. Here's who played in order of appearance: Indian Summer Jars, Dan Jamison, Bliss America, Hayley Jane, Ten Spiders, Yam Yam, Crippled But Free. Visit Saturn Stream for videos from all three days!

Physical Events???