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Dust Anyway

Full album now available on Bandcamp, You Tube, Spotify, and other places online.
The physical CDs and mp3s and wav files on USB drives are now available! Stop by a show to pick one up or buy our music online. Download a pdf of the liner notes with lyrics here.


Sun's Glow album cover

Sun's Glow

A mix of focus on songs and jamming. Recorded live in the studio as a quartet, we kept the best take and produced each song much more than Midnight Snack. Three & four part harmonies are common, and guests are applied liberally throughout these songs.

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Midnight Snack album cover

Midnight Snack

Song oriented. Recorded live in the studio to capture essentially what we were as a trio (banjo, bass & drums). Not much production, sometimes a little bit thin sounding, but very genuine and well played. Guests are sparingly peppered throughout but rarely overlap on songs.

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Midnight Snack & Sun's Glow engineering and mastering by Marc Moss at Target Studio logo.

Midnight Snack & Sun's Glow artist: Alex Forster

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