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About the Band

Over an average lifespan, you will eat ten spiders in your sleep. Ten Spiders, a jam band between a rock and a newgrass place, will surprise you, not just with gross facts about your unsuspecting sleep-time diet, but also with an entertaining blend of original music. A healthy serving of sassy and thoughtful songs will be served in this five-course, very-much-awake, meal of rock, folk, funk, bluegrass, and jazz with a cover or two for dessert.

Quick Career Facts

Number of spiders you eat in your sleep:
Years Ten Spiders has played out:
10 years
Years Maria & Steve have played out together:
15 years
Total number of drummers:
Number of originals:
Hours of music we can play out:
Number of different venues played:
States we've played in:
Number of CDs out:

Maria Cahill

Maria explored the banjo under the guidance of Rounder recording artist Tony Trischka (one of Bela Fleck's teachers) for 3 of the 15 years she's played. She possesses a powerful, emotional voice, developed from 20 years of public singing, with a range that might growl out low notes or croon sweet high notes. She is the primary songwriter, creating songs on a traditional instrument but showcasing her music with an enthusiastic, non-traditional style. Maria has acted as studio musician to the Preacher Curlz (banjo/vocals), Ed Sullivan (B/V), Steve Quelet (B), Paul Dake (B/V), & Colleen McFarland (B).


Steve Cahill

When Steve sings his unique harmonies, the repoir between this couple is evident. His creative, spontaneous electric bass playing career began in a grade school folk club and evolved from later rock influences such as Getty Lee and Phil Lesh. As the secondary songwriter, he uses the acoustic guitar to develop his songs and continues to perform some of them with guitar adding diversity to a night's worth of music. Steve has recorded with Ed Sullivan (bass/vocals) & Paul Dake (bass/vocals).


John Gannon

John spent most of his musical life playing clarinet in orchestras and woodwind quintets, and saxophone in jazz big bands and college rock bands. Soon after college, he taught himself drums in a jazz quartet that garnered a few regular gigs in the area. Eventually, John spent three years managing, writing, and playing drums for an original rock/jazz/pop band. John's diverse musical experience has given him the insight, patience, and taste needed to hold it all together without overdoing it.

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